A couple of juniors at Rutgers did a little social experiment recently. Ahmad Atieh and Mustafa Hussain decided to record people's reaction to a small act of silly kindness. One would film the unknowing recipient while the other would drop a Hersey bar with a note attached on their tables or quickly hand it to them in passing. The note read "Smile! You deserve to be happy." The video shows person after person without fail breaking into some sort of a smile.

Hussain tells MyCentralJersey.com, "The message behind the video is one that people wanted to see. It was a positive message. And especially today, there is so much negativity going around — so much hatred. You watch this and forget about what is going on in your lives or the world. You focus on this genuine human interaction — you see someone smile. It's a good feeling."

They say every single person they did this to reacted with some sort of a positive smile.

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