Dena Blizzard, the "One Funny Mother," who has been in the headlines the last week due to her viral video "Chardonnay Go," dropped by the studios to catch up with her favorite radio duo.

"Since seven days ago, 21 million people have seen my mug running around my neighborhood," says Blizzard. Dena seemed truly surprised that out of all her videos that "Chardonnay Go" was the one that went viral.

According to Dena, the entire three-and-a-half-minute video was done in one take and the video was shot by her 16-year-old son.

"The whole thing was just very off the cuff," Dena said.

The viral video has gotten Dena two interviews on CNN and people from all over the world sending her notes, commenting on the video.

While the messages have been largely positive, the Internet can still be a cruel place, especially when it comes to Internet haters.

"People either want me run over by a van or stuffed in the back of a truck," Dena joked.

Dennis took exception to all of the Internet venom that was pointed at his friend Dena. As you'll see above, Dennis advised that the Internet trolls should "find something to do."

Here's Dena on the show:

The original video:

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