Normally I’m not a fan of the whimsical things people do to adorn their cars. Whether it’s to make people laugh or to make people think they’re just so cool bruh, it usually doesn’t work on me.

The fake eyelashes around headlights or the big mustache on the grill? Eh. The red nose on the grill with antlers over the doors at Christmas? Please. The stick figure zombie families? At least they’re not the original stick figure families, but, meh.

A few days ago I saw something that got an honest chuckle out of me though. It was one day last week on 202. There was a work truck in front of me and I noticed something hanging off the back end. When I got closer I saw this.

Jeff Deminski photo
Jeff Deminski photo

Like a scene out of any one of the Toy Story movies where an animated toy is hanging on for dear life hitching a ride, this guy fastened a Jessie doll to his vehicle.

I. Love. This.

I guess because it’s like bringing the movie into the real world? This was some car whimsy I can totally get behind.

In fact, like the dork that I am, I made this dumb video to show my little boy later.

So I brought this silly story up on the show and people started calling in with either crazy things they had done to their own cars or things they had seen other people do.

My favorite was Dennis from Aberdeen. He took a black Mustang and modified it with vertical Lambo doors and insignia to make it a Batmobile.

He even directed me to these videos. This first one shows off the interior with special little touches.

This one demonstrates those sweet doors you’d normally see on a Lamborghini.


Others called in like Joe from Washington Crossing to speak of his disdain for those ‘truck nutz’ you see guys hang from their trailer hitches.

I concur.

Brian from Little Egg Harbor had a different pet peeve. He hates when guys have a base model car like a base Challenger then put fake emblems on to make it seem they have something special like a Hellcat. At car meets he’ll ask them to pop their hoods and of course they never do.

Others called in to talk about what they did with their own cars.

Like Rose, who back in the day had a black Buick Skylark. She and her friend got DayGlo paint and did the whole car in flowers and peace signs; real hippy stuff. But because of the type of paint, by day it mostly looked like a regular car and at night it came alive.

Dave from LBI had one that was sort of thrust upon him. He had a truck that was rear ended by a young woman too busy texting while driving to even notice the red light. Instead of repairing the mangled tailgate he left it that way and added a big sign on it telling people to stop texting. Police would give him thumbs ups, appreciative of the rolling PSA. People would ask for pictures.

Whatever you do with your ride is your business. Have fun! Just think of something other than the stupid truck nutz.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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