Governor Phil Murphy, who recently politicized his own health crisis in a disappointing and tone deaf tweet, is coming after your money.

As we know, the Governor is a man of significant wealth and whether we have a single payer health system controlled by the government or not, he and wealthy elites like him, will be able to pay for whatever level of care he requires. Not the case for working and middle class families. And if the government controlled health systems in the UK and Canada are the guide, which according to the Democrats pushing this agenda they are, waiting times for simple procedures can be measured in months. That is unless you’re one of the elite privileged few who can afford to buy your way out of the disaster of government run health care.

So let’s stop kidding ourselves, wish the Governor well and pray for his recovery on a personal level. He’s got a wife and kids and I’m sure they’re nervous about his upcoming surgery. But it’s time to stand up and fight him every step of the way when he comes after your family, money and business.

Governor Murphy, through his shill AG #FakeCop Gurbir Grewal, has endangered public safety and put the lives and safety of our courageous members of Law Enforcement at risk through their Sanctuary State policy.

Governor Murphy has increased the burden on your small business making even harder to do business in the Garden State, which ranks the worst in business climate in our region.

Governor Murphy has allowed radical lobbyists to change school curriculum to influence children and create conflict with parents and faith.

Governor Murphy has allowed a climate to flourish where law abiding citizens are prohibited by law from defending themselves and legal gun owners are looked at with suspicion with a presumption of guilt.

Governor Murphy has spent your money on dozens of lawsuits against the Trump Administration. He even fought the tax cuts, which capped SALT deductions instead of recognizing and dealing with the outrageously high state and local taxes that area crushing our middle and working class families.

Governor Murphy also decided for his own political purposes that NJ taxpayers should pay for abortion provider Planned Parenthood, even though the group TURNED DOWN federal money because they didn’t want to play by the rules. No worries, NJ will pay for it!

Governor Murphy is playing a dangerous game with public safety with the state’s bail reform policy, just look across the Hudson.

Governor Murphy has been completely incompetent when it comes to fixing NJ Transit.

And and the cost of living under Governor Murphy’s first couple of years has only gone up.

We have a mass exodus happening before our eyes. Billions of dollars in taxable income leaving. Homeowners sick of bearing the brunt are selling and looking to low tax alternatives, which can literally be found a few miles across the river.

Here’s the good news. The Trump Administration is reportedly sending the elite border patrol agents to some of our more dangerous areas to support our local ICE agents. And despite the cries from disgraceful AG Grewal, who invoked a murdered cop's memory just to make a political point against Trump, the administration will likely be cutting funding until sanctuary states and cities start following the law and stop obstructing justice.

The other good news is that the Republican Governor’s Association is paying attention. They are increasingly thinking that NJ can flip in November 2021. Amelia Alcivar from the RGA joined me this morning to discuss the progress in other states where voters tossed the tax and spend Democratic Governor in favor of a financially responsible tax cutting Republican.

Remember, three and a half MILLION eligible NJ voters sat out the election in 2017. Let’s give ‘em a reason to vote and send Murphy back to Boston in 2021.

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