If the answer was the current 'bail reform,' then the question couldn't have been "How to we keep our communities safe?"

Of course that was't the question. It's about do-gooder politicians who like to play the race card instead of focusing on the real problem of a system that unfairly creates a moral equivalent between criminals and law enforcement. A suspect is certainly innocent until they are proved guilty. That said, when we have a system that lets accused child rapists out of jail, it's a bigger issue than a lack of cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It's a problem of politicizing law enforcement and it's happening in our hometowns.

Reckless agenda-driven politicos like Gurbir Grewal are using bail reform and his immigration directive to curry favor with far-left politics groups — I suspect it's because he thinks he can be governor in 2025, or sooner if the Democrats take the White House in 2020 and Murphy leaves.

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If 'bail reform' was truly designed to make sure that a low-level suspect for a non violent crime wouldn't have to stay behind bars when a few hundred dollars would release him, then it wouldn't look like it does today. There is no 'reform' that allows for accused violent offenders — especially alleged child rapists — to be set free. No bail means no accountability. And to make matters worse and more dangerous for law enforcement, when the suspected rapist is here illegally they just disappear into the shadows.

Most of the complicit media heralds the progress and success of the system as well as the 'fairness' of the Sanctuary policies implemented and coerced on our local law enforcement by Grewal. But again, if a child rapist is let out, how can this be a working system?

It's time for law-abiding citizens to stand up to these very clear threats to our public safety.

The: bottom line is this. Real reform would look at the greater good for the community. It's become very obvious with the spike in crime across the Hudson that bail reform combined with sanctuary policies toward illegals is ill-conceived and dangerous.

Let's not wait until things are just as bad in Jersey.

There can be no rest until Grewal is no longer in a position of power. Here's a look at my take this week on Chasing News.

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