There's nothing like Christmas in New Jersey.

I remember growing up in Union City, driving down Bergenline Avenue and seeing the wires that ran across the street above us connected by the light and phone poles, each decorated with lights that would either say, "Merry Christmas" or "Noel," or have different holiday symbols. It looked so nice to see them all lined up one after the other as we drove from my grandmother's house on 30th, to our house on 14th. Of course, each house and store, no matter how big or small, had some kind of decoration.

When we moved to Marlboro, the houses were even more elaborately decorated. I also remember going to a place called "Due Process," when Robert Brennen owned it and it would be all "Christmas'ed" out, complete with a live animal nativity scene, calliope, and lines going up Route 537 for miles. You can see it here along with 34 other vintage shots of Christmas in New Jersey from

So this year, I asked what are the best things about Christmas and/or the holidays in New Jersey. At first, there was some sarcasm, which fit us perfectly, then we started to come around.

Giulio Poli: "It was mass at St. Michaels' in Union City."

Gloria Manchester: "I love driving through neighborhoods and looking at Christmas lights. Also, Great Adventure’s Holiday In The Park is magical."

David McClain: "All of the Jersey people in other parts of the country going to their homes for a week or so and leaving us alone."

Jill Zutty: "There’s Always Something Fun and Fabulous To Do!"

Susan Rochester Zucconi: "Spending it with my family and giving presents to the children at the hospices and seeing their smiles is the best."

Rick Verso: "Bringing The Light Of Day Music Winterfest that much closer!"

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