If you have a family and kids there’s nothing better than a summer trip to Ocean City. It’s like a wonderland for families.

But After many many years of visiting Ocean City during the summer, I think it’s safe to say sometimes you just gotta get off the boardwalk. It’s crowded, a bit chaotic, and I am not sure the smell of crab fries compliments the smell of fudge being made directly next door.

Whenever I am at the South Jersey tourism beacon, the boardwalk is always my first move when it’s time for dessert and I have been dying to change that.

While there is nothing better than a cone of Kohr Bros soft serve, I know there are equally delicious things out there, and not on the boardwalk. Here are some of the best ice cream spots off the boardwalk.

  • 1

    TJs Ice Cream Plus

    Homemade ice cream is hard to come by these days, and TJ's has the best. TJ’s has over 60 flavors of ice cream, all of which are handcrafted on location. If you come to TJ's you cannot skip out on the mint chocolate chip, cinnamon or dirt flavors. They are nothing like you’ve tried before.

  • 2

    Aunt Betty's Ice Cream Shack

    I stumbled upon Aunt Betty's Ice Cream Shack while on a walk, and I am so happy I stopped in for some ice cream. The ice cream itself is the perfect smooth consistency, and the flavors are especially unique. I decided to try the banana pudding, brownie and chocolate covered graham cracker flavors, and enjoyed them all with a nice warm brownie and fudge. I think I may have had an entire pint of ice cream that night and I can’t say I regret it.

  • 3

    Johnny B Goode

    For my milkshake lovers, you must check out Johnny B Goode Ice Cream Parlor. Their milkshakes are loaded with cookies, cake, candy and more and are as unique as ever. Some of the top shakes include a “Peppermint Twist,” which is essentially mint Oreo, “It’s my Party” which is topped with a cupcake and lollipop. If you are looking for something Insta worthy, this is the place.

  • 4

    Hobby Horse Ice Cream Parlor

    Hobby Horse has a delicious variety of homemade flavors, and is a family owned favorite. They are most known for their specialty sundaes, which are topped with fresh chocolate dipped fruit, cakes, and other fun toppings. They even have a few sugar and dairy free flavors so that anyone can enjoy them!

  • 5

    Churn House

    Churn House has grown in popularity this summer, as it is essentially blended cereal and other delicious toppings with soft serve. If you love a nice bowl of cereal, you will love how Churn house took a classic and somehow turned it even more delicious.

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