In honor of National Coffee Day and as reported in USA Today, ranked the best “gas station” coffee in each state. I assumed for New Jersey it would come down to QuickChek or Wawa, and I was right. At least as far as Wawa goes, because it was number one.

Wawa also gets bragging rights in Florida, Delaware, Virginia, and its home state of Pennsylvania. The question in my mind is, is there a difference between gas stations that happen to serve coffee and a convenience store/deli/coffee shop that happens to sell gas? I have had coffee some of the other states’ winners and for me, places like Kum and Go, KwikTrip, and Casey’s General Store definitely have gas station quality coffee while places like Wawa and QuickChek have coffee that’s actually good; they just also sell gas. Many of these other gas station chains have a convenience store attached, but their food offerings are more of the frozen burrito variety while QuikChek and Wawa have delis with fresh sandwiches; their coffee is just a cut above.

In a previous, separate ranking, also put Wawa at number one for having the cleanest bathrooms of any gas stations in New Jersey.

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