OK, I'm a supporter of President Trump for sure, but I gotta draw the line at fast food and well done steak with ketchup! But the President's love of McDonalds in particular got me thinking about great food around the Garden State. Of course on certain occasions I'm all for a quarter pounder with cheese, or a White Castle slider, but sometimes you need the outlier, a great diner burger.

We had a flood of calls into the show the minute I brought up my bad hamburger for breakfast experience in Cooperstown, NY a number of years ago. Jerseyans know their burgers! Here are some of the places that our listeners recommended that I try for the next burger night...

White Rose: Gotta love the hours! Monday through Saturday, they are open 24 hours! The Sunday hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. A burger for breakfast sounds just as good.

White Diamond: The pics make me hungry.

Walter "Weegie" K. via Yelp
Walter "Weegie" K. via Yelp

Sensible Fork: It's more of a gourmet burger.

Krugs Tavern: I was told all you need is a burger with raw onions. Simple. Thinkin' this place is right up my alley.

Tavern on the Lake: Every Wednesday is burger night and I was told to go with the pierogi burger. They fry 2 potato and cheese pierogis and put them on top of the burger.

Of course, I know I speak for the entire morning crew when I say we're hoping that in honor of the day, our friends at the Ewing Diner will be cooking up burgers for breakfast...just sayin.' Hint, hint...

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