If you heard us talking about songs that get stuck in your head on Friday’s show, this is the insidious song that started it all. ABA therapy has been wonderful for my two year old son with autism. And we love his therapist. But there’s been a small downside. This song. She played it for him one day and his reaction was unbridled joy and and belly laughter. Which she told us about. Naturally we looked up the song ourselves. Listen to this at your own risk.

Did you play it? Play it all the way through? Then welcome to the seventh circle of Hell. This will get embedded in your brain and surface at the most unpredictable times. My wife brought it up at work. People listened. People told other people. Within days half the staff was walking the hallways or grabbing coffee in the faculty lounge humming the Baby Shark song.

Scientists have actually researched the phenomenon of getting a song stuck in your head. It’s known as an INMI, involuntary musical imagery. What we all call an earworm. Some believe listening to the song all the way through will get your brain out of its musical rut. But listening to this all the way through is what got mine in it.


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