Put aside for the moment that $30 thousand purses actually exist. Okay, let’s not since that is what this whole kerfuffle is all about.

The country club in Demarest that was sued by the woman whose Hermés bag was ruined by a waiter spilling wine on it is now suing their own waiter. According to NorthJersey.com, the Alpine Country Club is suing the man accused of spilling the wine. The customer, Maryana Beyder, sued the club, claiming that the bag was essentially irreplaceable. The club denied all the claims, but sued the waiter, anyway.

Apparently, the country club is trying to make sure that if they are forced to replace the bag, they can make the waiter foot the bill, although I don’t know how a waiter could afford that. Actually, I don’t know how anyone could afford a $30 thousand purse or why they would buy one if they could. NorthJersey.com says that the waiter wasn’t named in Beyder’s suit; her lawyer is the one who pointed out that the club was suing their own employee.

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