PATERSON — A group of teachers got a pleasant surprise during a recent happy hour outing, when the restaurant they went to gave each of them thank you notes for their work.

The teachers from Paterson went out to the Grand Lux Cafe at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus for a teacher appreciation event, but weren't expecting to get appreciation from the staff at the cafe. The husband of one of the teachers posted a picture of hard on the New Jersey Reddit page.

"Thank you for teaching the kiddies," the card said.

Sam Sierra, one of the managers of the cafe, said employees will often give notes of appreciation to customers. In most cases, he said, the notes are usually for things like birthdays and anniversaries, but sometimes they're for more obscure events like a win on the football field for a quarterback who came to the restaurant.

Sierra said in this case one of the servers asked if they could give the teachers the notes and the management gladly said yes.

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