In one of the most pathetic money grabs I've seen, the parents of a teenager who trespassed into a construction site where he didn't belong then got hurt are suing. Alex Cortes was 16 at the time when he and a friend trespassed beyond the orange safety fencing, barrels and caution tape into where a Hobby Lobby was under construction.

Alex says he was playing parkour, which he described as "climbing over things, jumping over things, stuff like that." At some point he began messing around with a forklift. He jumped off the forklift and it pinned his leg against a pillar, crushing his limb and forcing an amputation from above the knee.

So of course whose fault is all this? The family sued The Shoppes at Cross Keys as well as Hobby Lobby and the contractor. Sadly The Shoppes at Cross Keys and Hobby Lobby settled. They never should have. The construction company held out and now could lose big because an appeals panel just decided to let this stupid lawsuit go further. You can read more details here in Sergio Bichao's article.

Normally I would say while this was a tragedy and I feel for the young man it isn't something that deserves a payday. In this case I can't even call this a tragedy. I have no concern for someone who knowingly trespasses, knowingly messes around with property and heavy equipment that is not his then gets hurt. Is the idea of personal responsibility now a relic in a museum? Are we really okay with living in a world where nothing is ever one person's fault and all blame is placed elsewhere? This was an accident that was the fault of only one person. Alex Cortes. I hope they don't win a penny.

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