You need to calm down after hearing this news, but pop icon Taylor Swift was spotted shopping in a New Jersey Target on Friday (the same day her 'Lover' album dropped).

Taylor was spotted in the store on 14th Street in the Newport neighborhood of Jersey City on Friday afternoon (around 4:30 pm). The superstar took time in the store to pose for photos with fans.

The photos were shared by a local business owner for Acai Ya Later! on the brand's Instagram account.

Meanwhile, in her Instagram story from Friday, Taylor says that she was continuing her tradition of visiting Target before a show.

"We are on our way ... we're going to our, like, tradition that we do where we go to Target," she said, adding that she and her friends were going to "do a basic inventory check. Just make sure everything is in order. We do this a lot," she said in an Instagram story.

Taylor Swift via Instagram

Taylor's album, Lover, was released earlier in the day, and Taylor took a snapshot of the album on display in the store.

Why is she in New Jersey? Well, the superstar is in New Jersey preparing for her performance during the MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center in Newark. In fact, T-Swift's performance will open the show on Monday night.

Something tells us that this may not be the only star sighting in New Jersey this weekend since Monday's broadcast has a large talent roster set.

Taylor Swift at Target in Jersey City. (via Instagram)
Taylor Swift at Target in Jersey City. (via Instagram)

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