Ever since March of 2020, all types of NJ eateries have shifted how they do business to accommodate an increase in takeout. Although restaurants have mainly returned to dine-in service, many have relied more on technology to help accommodate how they do business in this ever-changing climate.

That shift to a more digital method of doing business, also changes how eateries utilize their employees. But if nobody's physically taking your order or bringing it to you, should you leave a tip?

This is similar to the tip jar on a counter, only virtual. Now before voicing your opinion, let's first take a look at the conveniences of ordering online, as there are some advantages.

Vadym Pastukh
Vadym Pastukh

1) Ease of ordering

Instead of looking at a menu and having to write it down when you call in, most eateries have adapted the "shopping cart" method. Simply put what you'd like to order in the cart and check out when you're ready.

Cell phone in a woman's hand, yellow store background (LDProd, ThinkStock)
LDProd, ThinkStock

2) No waiting on hold

If an eatery is busy, oftentimes you'll be put on hold, or the phone will just ring and ring. On the other hand, there's no wait on the website or app. Just log on, place your order, get an estimated pickup time, and you're ready to go.

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3) No payments verbally over the phone

Some people are uncomfortable providing payment over the phone. With a website or app order, it usually can be done right there. Or, simply wait till you pick up your order and pay in person.

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Those are just a few of the advantages of ordering online. Of course, that may give you a reason to not leave a tip. But let's now look at it from a different perspective.

Computer - Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash
Computer - Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash

1) Staff have to monitor orders coming in

Employees most likely can't control the volume of orders that come through but are obligated to get your order ready on time.

Slow roasted pot roast with potatoes and carrots
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2) Websites and apps must be accurate

Sometimes when an eatery is out of something, it's not always reflected online. In that situation, someone must be ready to communicate that to the customer before they arrive.


3) Websites and apps must always be maintained

If something goes wrong, that affects business. Someone has to make sure technology is working at all times.

Flying Money (Dollar)

Although virtual ordering may be easier for the customer, it doesn't necessarily mean the staff has less to do. With so much involved to ensure the customer gets what they want when they want, it may persuade you to leave them a few extra bucks.

Photo: natasaadzic
Photo: natasaadzic

So where do you stand? Sound out below and make your voice heard.

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