We've all heard and seen too much by now of the July 4th weekend Governor's beach house story. The creative photo shopped meme's, the editorials, the aerial photos, etc.

Well to make sure it NEVER happens again, the NJ Legislature in an immature, "we've got nothing better to do", show of righteous indignation, passed a bill this week that ensures no governor will EVER do this again.

The bill's sponsor, chief Christie antagonist, Assemblyman John Wisniewski, said "the governor should know better" when introducing the legislation. He's right.

The governor should know better, and he's now suffering the consequences of playing the privileged prince in using the house on a weekend when the park was closed.

He didn't count on a hostile press sending up an airplane to capture the moment for all to see, but they did, and we did see. The optics killed whatever credibility he had left. Even though he tried to blame the government shutdown on Assembly Speaker, and dead ringer for the Seinfeld villain "the soup Nazi", Vinnie Prieto. "No soup for you!" "No beach house for you Governor"!

He will never have the opportunity to do it again. Nonetheless, the assembly voted 63-2 to ensure that no governor in the future will ever do this.

Why? Why not let politicians live and die by their decisions? Do we really need a law to prevent this? Do those clowns in Trenton have nothing better to occupy themselves with? (My apologies to clowns everywhere) Are there no more pressing issues to quickly tackle?

This government is choking hard working middle class families with some of the highest taxes and most burdensome regulations in the country, and this is what they rush to pass into law? A pox on all their houses, with a handful of exceptions.

Frankly, I'm glad the incident happened and we should give future governors and all NJ politicians all the opportunity in the world to make foolish choices for all the world to see. Just you wait for the Phil Murphy Show to begin in a few months!

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