The haters were out in force today. I've been called everything from a moron, to a terrorist supporter and everything in between. One person wanted me deported to Syria, which is weird because I'm not from there. (Yes, that's a Johnny Dangerously reference) and one twitter user hopes that I get AIDS! You really can't make it up.

The issue that got my detractors on social media all riled up is my position on defending students in American schools. Yup. Hardening the 'soft targets' in order to prevent killers from trolling through the halls killing children. There are a lot of ideas floating around these days. Armed guards, increased police presence, allowing licensed and trained teachers and faculty to carry a firearm, metal detectors and mental health checks to get people help long before they turn into a dark soul capable of murdering children. None of that should garner the hateful, angry, emotional responses that I received on social media today, except for one issue: I simply don't subscribe to blaming the NRA for the murder of children.

The National Rifle Association is an organization to represent legal and law abiding gun owners. Talk about a group in need of representation and a voice in today's climate! The NRA was not responsible for the killing of innocents. Law abiding gun owners were not responsible for the murders in Parkland. It was a crazed, evil-doer who literally telegraphed his moves long before he ever pulled the trigger. Attack guns as the problem all you want, but we all know the truth is the government failed to protect the most vulnerable. Unarmed school children and teachers were left to resort to hiding under desks as a mad man shot up their school.

Imagine if the heroic football coach had a firearm? Instead he used his body to shield his students and save their lives at the expense of his own.

Imagine if the Broward County Sheriff took the next step after nearly 40 law enforcement visits to the killers home?

Imagine if the FBI acted on the tip received of a potential shooter?

Imagine if counselors at the school took the next step after social media posts and fellow students discussed the possibility of an attack?

Imagine if the armed sheriff's deputy did his job and stepped into the school as the shooting started?

This was a preventable tragedy. So is the next one. Arm qualified school employees. Assign more cops to schools. Take New Jersey superintendent bonuses and use the money for metal detectors. Check all students into the school with proper ID. Lock the doors. Report mentally unstable people to appropriate authorities. Deny gun permits to people with serious mental health and behavioral problems. This is just a start.

There's also one thing not to do: STOP blaming the NRA and law abiding citizens. If that makes you mad enough to wish for my untimely demise from disease or my deportation to a war zone, then I can't help you. But I will look forward to embracing your hate in our next ignorant/hateful tweet contests.

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