I'd imagine a swarm of bees is pretty far down the list of issues you would expect to encounter on a given day at the beach. Umbrella and tent turf wars maybe. A group of intimidating teens playing loud music within your 20-foot radius? Sure. But bees? What is there for a bee to do at the beach? Yet here we are.

The following saga was captured by Dean Bloemer and shared on the Cape May Live Facebook group.

This poor guy. All he wants is some peace and quiet in a calm environment that isn't the four walls of his living room. He finally gets his moment in the sun — only to have his space invaded by a thunderstorm of bees. That is a nice umbrella though.

Pretty stupid queen bee if you ask me. "Over here guys let's set up shop on this towel surrounded by nothing but sand. You know what they say! The best place for our #BeeThrive is on 100% cotton terrycloth, bay-bee."

I challenge her to find three things to pollinate. I'm sorry for coming down so hard on her, but you've simply got to do a better job leading your swarm. Bees have it bad enough as it is. If a bee feels the need to use self-defense and stings you, they die. If a male bee is lucky enough to have sex, they die. You can't win, and yet you're going to claim this canopy that offers nothing as your home?

And there he is, the savior. Thank God for Allen and beekeepers all over. Definitely one of those professions you don't think about often until you really need to get a hold of one. Glad to see this end well for the bees, too. Queen Bee got away with one here, and hopefully her voters keep this in mind next election. When the mainstream beedia inevitably grills her about this, she might be better off leaning into it and saying she needed a beach day but couldn't find a beebeesitter. Now at least she knows Allen.

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