Is there a certain day of the week that just brings you down? You know that feeling.

When you suddenly start to dread anything and everything. Most of us have a particular day in mind.

And it could be over numerous reasons. For some, it might have to do with kid's appointments and school activities.

For others, it might be the endless house or yard work chores that need to be done. Or perhaps, there's a certain day of the week when you either fear dealing with work or just know whatever happens that day is going to bring you down.


Before we get into it, let's first see what you think. Which day of the week, in your opinion, is the one you dread the most?

Most dreaded day

It's interesting to see what we collectively think as the day we dread the most. But does it sync up with the national poll results?

It's likely you're on the same page as most across the country. However, the specific day a majority of Americans dread might surprise you.

According to a recent survey, that day is Sunday. Yup, unlike what some might've thought, Sunday tops Monday as the most dreaded day of the week.

Angry / mad face

Reason behind the dread

Although we may dread Sunday the most, Monday is a big part of that reasoning. In fact, 69.2% of those surveyed said they dread Sunday since it reminds them of the upcoming work week.

And that makes sense. Weekends are so short as it is, so it's only natural for the start of the work week to be on your mind come Sunday.

It's not that we want to think of the upcoming work week, it just naturally enters our consciousness. This seems to occur for most o  Sunday beginning midday into the evening.


How we cope

So what do we do to help suppress and stop those thoughts? We watch our favorite screens, of course.

Around 76% of us in fact will turn on the TV or watch a movie to help us take our minds off of the upcoming work week. And with today's digital world, watching on the tablet or our phones is also always an option.

You can find more details on the results here. As for the lesson? Try not to think of work until you actually return to work.

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