If you've been to the supermarket, you know what a nightmare it's been.

It's more like a by-product of the nightmare we're already going through with the coronavirus shutdown. You can see people wearing masks, some in surgical garb, walking one way down the aisle, living in fear of crossing paths with anyone as they reach into the backs of the shelves to grab the items of their desire. I'm willing to bet that the stuff in front of the shelves is more virus-free because everyone's afraid to touch them.

There's even more fear when you get to the checkout, "Am I going to get infected? Does the person at the register have it? Is it on the money? What if it's on the credit card machine? Can I get my stuff out of the store without attracting the evil virus that could already be on the shopping cart handle?"


Here's a great way to help. Why not force stores to just sell online during this crisis? We're not supposed to be out anyway and it's much safer than being grouped in a crowd while you wait to be allowed into the store like some are doing.

By forcing grocery stores into online-only, they can limit what customers are allowed to order which would mean more hand sanitizer and toilet paper to go around. There is no money or credit card changing hands and they can deliver to your door contact-free.

Forcing supermarkets to go online can create more jobs as they will need to hire more people to deliver the items which will be packed by those who were working the registers. It's safer for everyone. The stores can also charge a delivery fee which can be supplemented by tipping the driver which most will do just for the convenience. I know I would.

Forcing the food stores to go online is safer all the way around. Although I'm not in favor of more government, this one I can live with. And if it happened you would too.

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