I once joked on New Jersey 101.5 that the best way to have live graduations in New Jersey was to have the graduates walk down the aisles of ShopRite and get their diplomas at checkout. This because the big grocery stores are open in New Jersey, but live graduations can't happen at least until July 6, with severe restrictions.

Now I see that it's actually happening in some states like Kentucky, where Priceless Foods in Russel Springs decided to hold a graduation ceremony for six of its employees, and in Hawaii, where four Kealakehe graduates got to walk down the aisle at the Kailua-Kona Safeway.

This would be such a great idea in New Jersey! Students can walk down the frozen food aisle since it's hot under those caps and gowns. Along with their diplomas, they get a list of redeemable coupons and one free graduation cake. Who knows, some lucky graduate could even get hired.

If a Jersey big store is allowed to be open, I'm all over this! "Attention shoppers, we have a graduation in aisle 5."

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