Decks are old school. Back in the '80s and '90s, everyone wanted a deck.

Now most people choose "hardscaping." That's a fancy term for expensive bricks and stones you put down in your backyard that makes everybody ooh and ahh. It's because people discovered there was some maintenance involved after a couple of years with decks.

My house came with a deck and a hot tub! I rolled my eyes at both when I was looking at the house. I was more concerned about the hot tub.

After a couple of $600 repairs, I had two big guys with a truck come over and chop it up and take it away. What a relief! But the deck is still there, taunting me every spring.

It needs to be painted and some boards randomly decide to rot away and need to be replaced. Good thing I'm handy (not really), but after you realize how much it costs to "get a guy" to come out and fix it, you become handy.

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