It's almost here! We're a week away from the third day in a series of "Food Days" that we've celebrated on the morning show. Friday, March 23rd is the big day.

We brought you #MeatDay with #CharlieTheButcher, followed by #MeatloafDay where Eric Scott took the prize in our competition with a dozen delicious meatloaf recipes.

Now, #MacAndCheeseDay is upon us. Returning as judges will be my podcast co-hosts, Jay Black and Jessica Nutt along with Save Jersey founder Matt Rooney and President Donald Trump pollster Adam Geller.

We have about six Mac & Cheese contestants this year with one surprise recipe being submitted by our listeners. That recipe will be made by Eric Scott as he tries to hold onto his title from #MeatloafDay. There's still time to submit your entry!

Thinkin' about Cheese Steak Day next...thoughts?

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