Odell Beckham Jr continues to catch slack for not wanting to catch passes for the Giants until he has a contract. He will not be working out with Eli Manning and other Giants receivers at their annual workout at Duke University. One very good reason Beckham should not take any risks he doesn't have to came to light when North Carolina State defensive end Kentavius Street tore his ACL during a private workout with Big Blue.

Here's a kid who played opposite suspected top five pick Bradley Chubb and was projected to possible go as high as the third round. Now Street will be lucky to get drafted and will probably have to sit out a year before he ever gets to play. That Giants workout could cost him everything. That's what these players risk when they take the field for nothing.

Now Beckham is in the final year of his rookie contract and is looking to be the highest player in pro football when it ends. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen but it will never happen should OBJ get hurt. He was injured twice last year, once in the pre season opener against Cleveland which caused him to miss the season opener against Dallas, then again against the Los Angeles Chargers which put him out for the year.

Beckham is working out privately in Los Angeles and that's up to him. His body is his business and he needs to take care of business if he's to get the deal he wants. When it comes to playing for the Giants, that should happen when they take care of business. I believe that they will. In the meantime, if I were Beckham, I would only do what is contractually required.

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