That’s right. Vote NO. Historically, the default vote in New Jersey has been to give the insiders whatever money they ask for in the name of the children. Well fellow Garden Staters, we’re broke and the people paying the bills are leaving NJ in droves.

The Murphy administration has redirected some state money away from districts that have relied on a contribution for years. Is he playing favorites with those politically connected elites who support him? Most likely. Should you have to pay for the political games going on in Trenton? NO.

Here’s a list of towns looking to take your money. Everything from tens of millions for ‘indoor air quality’ to all day Kindergarten. When will taxpayers just say no?

Fair Haven: $15.6 million

Rutherford: $45 million

Carteret: $37 million

Westfield: $11.8 million

Flemington/Raritan: $42 million

Hawthorne: $24.4 million

Enough is enough. Vote NO and make sure you push back on Trenton’s disgraceful squandering of our resources. We have the money to meet our obligations and maintain the quality of schools that you should expect in New Jersey. But not one more dollar should come out of your pocket.

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