If you’re like me, a Sunday morning means lazing around in bed or on a couch watching a movie or scrolling through my phone and drinking coffee in bed. You know it would make it even better? If I didn’t have to make the coffee myself. And even better than that, if I can get my favorite Starbucks snacks delivered to my door. Well, now my Starbucks coffee will come to me, along with most of the stuff on its ever growing menu. “Starbucks delivers” is a fairly new service that is just rolling out now here in New Jersey. If I’m craving a muffin? I can get it delivered. Bistro box or those yummy egg whites? Yep. I can get those delivered too.

It’s all available now here in New Jersey on the Uber eats app, and we are one of only 16 regions that has the service available right now. So far, “Starbucks delivers” is available in multiple New Jersey counties, you check your Uber Eats app to find the nearest store offering delivery. Now we can enjoy our Starbucks without bothering to change out of our jammies!

By the way, first time orders get 25% off through the Uber Eats app!

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