Spent some time in Somerset County this week speaking at the annual Ladies for Liberty event hosted by my friend Maureen Baumgaertner. The theme of my presentation was protecting women's rights across New Jersey and America.

Bill Spadea speaking at Trump National in Bedminster
Bill Spadea speaking at Trump National in Bedminster

Women are under assault by a crazed radical movement that has been usurping women's sports with men, placing men behind the walls of our prisons, and creating potentially dangerous situations with men infringing on what would otherwise be a relatively safe space in the women's restrooms.

Our focus from my shows and organizations is to promote common-sense policies that will reverse this dangerous, irresponsible, and women-hating trend and restore, well, "common sense". The absurdity of the complicit media using pronouns to pretend that the man who competed for three years on the men's team at a local NJ college and then switched to the women's team to shatter record should be challenged.

How have we fallen as a society to the point that any man can decide on a spur-of-the-moment feeling to define themselves as a woman and be afforded all the rights and privileges that come with being a woman?

Being a woman is a biological fact, not a feeling. This current political trans movement is a slap in the face to both real women AND those suffering from the mental illness known as Gender Dysphoria. We have spent a lot of time talking about the confusion being caused by radicals who are preying on toddlers letting them think that they could be born in the "wrong body".

It's time to turn some attention to the adults. Gender Dysphoria is a serious condition. It's as serious as another mental disorder, Body Integrity Identity Disorder. No serious, ethical physician in the United States would accommodate a mental disorder by amputating a healthy limb or surgically paralyzing someone suffering from the condition.

Why is the media and the radical political trans movement so quick to claim that anyone not accepting mutilation surgery and chemical blockers for a gender "transition" is bigoted? Are these disorders all that different? Why has our society jumped to transition men instead of dealing head-on with the disorder that has them confused and wanted to change in the first place?

This mess has led to tremendous confusion among children, adults, and institutions struggling to navigate through something that defies common sense and reason. The problem is that the weakness of American Institutions and the media's desire to create controversy for clicks shaming anyone who rejects "groupthink" has American women in a compromised and unwinnable situation.

The solution is to elect a governor in 2025 who will reset the state policy and protect women. The 13-year-old middle school girl has a right to be safe in the girls' bathroom. The inclusion of boys under the guise of "trans-tolerance" has proved to be a real danger for kids.

The 33-year-old mom in New Jersey has a right to know her toddlers will be in a safe space in the classroom protected from radical gender ideology and sexually explicit material. That same mom has a right to live in her neighborhood and feel safe from the predators and criminals who prey on unsuspecting homeowners.

And the 63-year-old grandmother has a right to live in a state that is affordable for her to remain, even on a fixed income, to see her grandkids grow up.

Women are rising to the occasion as we can see first-hand with 70% of our Common Sense donors being women. We see it with the calls to the station and the attendees to the many events I attend almost daily.

Strong men admire and support strong women. It's time for strong men and strong women to join up, speak out, and fight back against this obvious assault on women and girls.

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