For the past 8+ months, I have been a vocal opponent of mask mandates and lockdowns. For the past 8+ months, detractors and haters keep telling me and others who stand against government COVID restrictions to "listen to the science". OK, here's your chance.

Over the past few months, opposition to the "group think" behind lockdowns and mask mandates have been growing. Now more than 50,000 scientists, doctors, public health officials and medical practitioners have signed the Great Barrington Declaration calling on governments to reopen 100%. Data has been pouring in from study after study showing that the lockdowns and the mask mandates have been far worse for public health that the virus would have been if left to run its course. People are scared because they are inundated with endless newscasts touting death tolls and rising "cases". Of course we know beyond any reasonable doubt that most deaths have more to do with elderly patients with serious health complications.

According to the CDC, 94% of the deaths listed as "COVID" had between two and three comorbidities. So we have a virus that will only realistically impact you if you are already seriously compromised and at the age of expected mortality. Yet, the government continues to act as if their actions keeping you masked and isolated are the only way to "keep you safe." This is utter nonsense and actually quite dangerous.

I was joined on my latest podcast by Doctor Colleen Huber, a renowned cancer specialist and her colleagues, Microbiologist Maria Crisler and Epidemiologist Boris Borovoy. These experts did not hold back explaining why you should be very concerned about the adverse health risks to you and your kids. Why you should avoid visiting the hospital except as a last resort and what you need to do to actually keep yourself healthy.

The trio have published a new research paper explaining their findings based on the actual results and impact from COVID around the world.

Here's the pull quote from the Abstract:

Mask “mandates” in 2020 have resulted in no reductions in incidence of COVID-19, as detected by positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests among nations or US states. Increased rates or insignificant change in incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infections, as detected by PCR tests, have followed mask mandates throughout the world and in US states. Masks are therefore a possible risk factor for infection with SARS-CoV-2 and higher incidence of COVID-19 disease. This paper examines the known physical and chemical attributes of respiration through and involving the periphery of and inside of masks that may lead to a better understanding of the reasons for this phenomenon of increased COVID-19 incidence following mask use.

Here's the pull quote on why masks are actually potentially dangerous to your health and others around you:

These mechanical considerations are applicable to masks in that a mask wraps around the sides of the face, back toward the ears, where only small gaps remain for the unimpeded release of exhaled breath. Similarly, gaps at the contours of the sides of the nose and under the chin leave only narrowed gaps for unfiltered, unobstructed exhalation above and below the mask respectively. As a result, there are side jets, back jets, a crown jet, brow jets and a downward jet that emerge from the mask in each of those directions. Farther transmission of virus-laden fluid particles have been found from masked individuals than from unmasked individuals, by means of “several leakage jets, including intense backward and downwards jets that may present major hazards,” and a “potentially dangerous leakage jet of up to several meters.” These masks “have the potential to disperse virus-laden fluid particles by several meters.” 15 Backward airflow was found to be strong with all masks and faceshields studied, compared to not masking. Schlieren imaging revealed farther brow jets (upward flow) in surgical masks and cloth masks, 182 mm and 203 mm respectively versus none discernible at all with no mask. With regard to side jets and back jets, the authors found: “It is important to be aware of this jet, to avoid a false sense of security that may arise when standing to the side of, or behind, a person wearing a surgical, or handmade mask or shield.” These jets were shown to contain viral particles measuring from 0.03 to 1 microns when expelled through the side gaps of both N-95 and surgical masks.16 Unmasked individuals on the other hand are unlikely to transmit viral particles anywhere near the distance that a masked individual can unwittingly contaminate. Oral microbial flora dispersed by unmasked healthcare workers standing one meter from the workspace failed to contaminate exposed plates on that surface.17

The bottom line is that masks have made people less safe and less healthy. That combined with the adverse impact on brain chemistry that comes from isolation and fear is likely one of the main reasons for the rise in suicides, depression and substance abuse. The driver behind the masks is the visual reminder that something is very wrong in society and you should be scared. A scared population will be more easily driven to inject their bodies with a vaccine that according to a growing number of medical experts, is unnecessary and could be dangerous. The only way out of this is for people to educate themselves, turn off the news and live their life.

Start by listening to the docs and medical experts and tuning out the money-driven politicians, big pharma execs and hospital administrators. And definitely stop taking health advice from click-bait media hacks.

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