How do you pronounce it?!?

We had an annoyed listener call the show, not wanting to go on air, but wanting to point out that I pronounce my own name incorrectly. Seriously? Can't I decide how to pronounce my own name?

Although I do understand the frustration from the old school Italians knowing that in southern Italy, where my name originates, the "correct" pronunciation is Spah-Day-Ah. Actually, in just about every Italian restaurant I've walked into there's always a wise-guy host wanting to correct me for my pronunciation...Spay-Dee-Ah. My grandmother who passed away a long time ago used to pronounce our name Spade-Ah. I think she did it just to annoy my grandfather. You know the old school Italians.

Anyway, it occurred to me that after learning that I was only officially 17% Italian (at least according to 23 and Me) that an American pronunciation was just fine. Besides, I certainly identify as an American first.

The morning crew of course had a few things to say about the whole pronunciation controversy. Hmm, how do they say it in Japanese?

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