Sauce, gravy...that's been a battle for many decades in our family.

I'm a gravy guy and Jodi stands firm that if it's red, it's sauce. Well, either way, what I made over the weekend wasn't really either.

We had a ton of tomatoes left from our garden, a friend's garden overflow and our farm box.

They say that the best Italian sauces are with fewer ingredients. Simple combinations to get the most from the flavor of the vegetables. I chopped a few large tomatoes and peeled them as best I could.

Then I chopped a sweet onion and started them in avocado oil on a medium heat.

After that, I chopped a green pepper and added it to the heat.

After you can start to see through the onion, drop in the tomatoes.

Salt, pepper, oregano and a little thyme and you're good to go.

As the tomatoes start to break down it's time to add a little butter and crushed garlic. After 45 seconds with the garlic, send in the white wine to add some liquid and prevent the garlic and butter from burning.

In an oven preheated to 400, I roasted sweet Italian sausage. A little avocado oil, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

The end result to Spadea's masterpiece (Photo via Bill Spadea)
The end result to Spadea's masterpiece (Photo via Bill Spadea)

Takes about 35 minutes and they'll be perfect.

Then boil water, salt it after it's at a rolling boil, and add the pasta.

The pasta should cook for about 6 minutes.

Over-cooking pasta is a disaster.

Photo via Canva and Bill Spadea
Photo via Canva and Bill Spadea

Combine in a bowl throw some fresh basil on top and you've got a great dinner. Got a go-to for those Jersey tomatoes?

Hit us up on the station app and let me know.

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