The battle lines are drawn as the new governor gets set to take office in January promising to make New Jersey a "sanctuary state."

Governor-elect Murphy is set to push back on the Trump Administration even if it means putting New Jersey lives at risk. In his own words, answering a question from Tom Moran regarding a killer who executed three students in Newark, he said his "bias" was with the undocumented aliens, and he would "have their back."

One of the voices of reason and opposition to the idea of making New Jersey a haven for potentially dangerous criminals, is Montvale Mayor Michael Ghassali. He's a former Syrian refugee who fled Aleppo with his family in 1980 escaping weeks before a siege left hundreds dead.

The Mayor joined me Thursday morning on the show to discuss the importance of separating criminals from immigrants, even those here illegally. We discussed a pathway to citizenship for those hardworking immigrants who are just looking to provide a better life for their families. He will continue to direct his officers to follow the Law Enforcement Directive from former Attorney General Ann Milgram. The directive is simple. Arrest an undocumented alien for a serious crime and report them to federal authorities. This procedure would've taken the killer who executed the three students in Newark off the streets. The mayor's concern is that the new governor will appoint an AG who will reverse the directive. I'll stay in touch with him as that possibility looms closer.

Hopefully the real job of governor will actually sink in to Phil Murphy and he'll drop the condescending, hostile, anti-Trump rhetoric and focus on the decisions he'll need to make to keep NJ safe.

Law Enforcement professionals should not be used as a political tool for an ambitious ideologue thinking about a Presidential run n 2020. Let's see what he does. Confidence in his ability and desire to do the right thing is not high.

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