We'll take the small victory of a stay that came about on Friday after a conversation between the court, plaintiffs and the NJ Attorney General's office.

At this point the Attorney General announced that construction will be halted until after a hearing in Judge Mary Jacobson's courtroom on June 14. As I've explained over the course of the past few weeks, the governor is trying to make an end run around the legislature, the people and the NJ Constitution by pushing through a $300 million renovation project and selling bonds to fund it. The total cost is estimated to be somewhere near $750 million.

With Gov. Christie joining Eric Scott tonight on Ask The Governor, I thought the questions should be rather simple...why no transparency on the details of the $300 million?

How does a "legislature approved" $38 million expenditure explode into $300 million...with no one in the legislature informed as to what the money will be spent to fix/build/demo Why the rush to push this through without voter approval that is specifically required by the NJ constitution (the Rep. Leonard Lance amendment specifically)?

Looking at this closely, this deal resembles a crooked attempt to make sure taxpayer money is funneled to the right people to pave the way for a future for one of the least popular governor's in our state's history. We helped stop #CorruptChristie from trading tax dollars in exchange for votes to change the ethics laws so he could personally profit from a book deal. With #FriendsOfChris like former appointed U.S. Senator Jeff Chiesa's law firm potentially earning millions from this latest attempt to circumvent the law, it's time to gear up for battle once again.

Call Christie tonight during Ask The Governor at 800-283-1015. Ask him...why not be honest with NJ and put your spending plans to the required vote?

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