Bipartisan support in New Jersey? Yes, it actually happened.

Today on the show, Bill got some more support from more legislators in Trenton that are advising to vote no on ballot question No. 2.

Since Lt. Gov. Guadagno on the show last week announced that she has recommended voting no on ballot question No. 2, other NJ legislators such as state Sen. Kip Bateman and Assemblyman Erik Peterson, both Republicans, have expressed their recommendations to vote no as well.

Bill received bipartisan support as two senators from different sides of the aisle joined him on air to say that NJ voters should be opposed to ballot question No. 2.

State Sens. Ray Lesniak, a progressive Democrat, and Mike Doherty, a conservative Republican, joined Bill on the show this morning to agree that ballot question No. 2 is a bad deal if voters say "yes."

Both Lesniak and Doherty agreed that voting yes on ballot question would be bring more of the same irresponsible spending that we've seen in the past.

"This $16 billion could be gone in a couple of years and we'll be back saying, 'Oh, we have to increase the gas tax again. Look, these roads are crumbling, they're unsafe,'" Lesniak said.

Instead of reining in the spending, the ballot would just facilitate more spending.

"This is really about about supporting billions and billions of dollars of additional borrowing and this bill and this question has been crafted to facilitate that," Doherty said.

Listen to more of what Lesniak and Doherty had to say about it in the YouTube clip above.

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