It's hard to believe that there is a small vocal minority out there that need counseling over Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election. Do they really need support or are they being told that they need counseling by their academic and political leaders?

You've got kids in college that don't have coping skills. I was flabbergasted when I saw  elected officials and academic elites who were actually acknowledging and saying that it was ok to need counseling to cope with the results of the election. That's what you need counseling for? There are much bigger problems in life where people need help coping and dealing with adversity.

I was joined by my millennial colleague at Chasing News Reporter Diana Blass.  I asked Diana if Millennials are getting a bad wrap because of a small minority of people that have no coping skills. "I think you're right on that. I think when you look around at the protests you see a lot more younger people, very few, anyone older in their 40's I don't really see too many people in that age group protesting. It's mostly people my age and they don't have their facts straight as to why their protesting. I think it's become acceptable to just go out and take over the streets when you don't like something," Blass said.

Diana made a great point that a lot of the people that are mad, are not necessarily mad at Trump, as much as they are with the Democratic party for losing the election. Protestors that are out in the streets screaming over the loss should take a long look at the real reasons they're mad.

Let's get out of our own way. We'll serve our communities well if we start telling kids to toughen up a little bit.