After a 91 year old man ran a light and hit a school bus I again called for senior drivers license retesting. Politicians won't go near such an idea for fear of losing the all important senior vote, but that population shrinks even more as seniors kill not only themselves, but innocent others behind the wheel. The blowback argument is usually 'What about millennials on their cellphones? So I posed the question, who would you rather be driving next to?  A senior or a millennial on their cell phone? The answer will fascinate you.

My twitter poll showed 65 percent say the elderly driver is more dangerous but that's a lot closer than I would have thought. Here are some comments.

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Nick Palumbo Sr.  - "The 75 year old at least has more driving experience."

Roy Bucci - "Is there a 3rd option?"

Jay Goldenberg - "That is tough. Both act like they are entitled and both can’t drive."

Ed Rufolo - "Give me the millennial. They didn't have enough money to buy their own car so mommy and daddy sprung for it. They made sure junior got the best insurance also so im covered."

Robert Pisani - "If I’m driving next to a 70+ person my foot must be broken or there is a water bottle stuck under the gas peddle. Either way the elderly are more attentive than some but not all millennials."

Jim Karustis - "75 plus no longer seems so old to me. I'll go with that. I growled at another driver recently for going too slowly, 'Get moving, old man!'- then realized it was a friend of mine, 10 years younger than me."

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