You’re ‘Woke’ if you think people should feel guilty for using plastic straws, bags and styrofoam cups because they are killing the planet.

You’re ‘Woke’ if you believe that despite millions of years of natural climate change and warmer temps thousands of years ago, the earth could end in a dozen years and humanity faces extinction unless we sacrifice progress and regress to ‘green energy’.

You’re ’Woke’ if you believe capitalism, which has literally decimated poverty around the world, is to blame for human suffering.

You’re ‘Woke’ if you believe that gender is a choice and has nothing to do with biology AND that kids who haven’t even gone through puberty are capable of making the decision to change their sex.

You’re ‘Woke’ if you believe that addiction is the fault of modern medicine and a disease, which has nothing to do with bad choices and a lack of coping skills to handle adversity.

You’re ‘Woke’ if you believe that our second amendment rights are out-dated and the reason for school shootings.

You’re ‘Woke’ if you want to see Halloween costumes and college costume parties put under a microscope for racism and a new term called ‘cultural appropriation’.

You’re ‘Woke’ if you believe that any women for any reason can accuse a man of assault and should be believed whether there’s any evidence whatsoever and regardless of how many years have passed.

You’re ‘Woke’ if you think we can tax ourselves to prosperity and the government should be in charge of our health care.

You’re certainly ‘Woke’ if you think it’s OK for pre-teen and teen girls to walk in public topless.

If you agree with any of these ideas, you are a part of the “Woke" generation. And you are the problem.

The problem isn’t a politician wearing ‘brown face’ at a stupid college party 20-30 years ago. The problem isn’t that some of our Founding Fathers were slave owners. The problem is not ‘toxic masculinity,’ organized religion and traditional values. The problem is a generation of people set on wrecking the real human progress that has freed and fed most of humanity.

It’s called capitalism. And it works.

While our new ‘woke’ culture is ignoring the basic truth about how American individualism, family structure and faith forged the greatest nation on earth, many of us are fighting back. Thanks to capitalism and religious liberty, America leads the world in innovation, prosperity and human freedom. People of faith are under assault. The white men, who founded our nation and our nation, are labeled oppressors and racists. Anyone standing up for historical truth are attacked as bigots and condemned and attacked on social media, and on the streets.

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