Perhaps this is a generational thing that every generation does. Maybe it just feels different now because we see so much more online than we used to.

It's that argument of us feeling like we're the best generation to have ever existed, hands down. It's also the mindset that the next generation ahead of us will never have a clue as to how great things were compared to our days.

And I believe that it's perfectly normal to feel that way. Most of us have probably felt times were great when we were growing up.

Now of course there are exceptions. But by and large, we were young and carefree. But as time went on, so many of us saw those carefree moments slip away.

It makes sense too, especially when we're in our teens. That's a time when we get to feel like adults without the responsibilities of full-time adulting.

We go to high school, we participate in after-school activities, and we may even have a part-time job. And depending on if you're 17 or not, your very own car.

teens party

We have memories of those days and consider them the best of the best, with few exceptions. But perhaps one of the more unique generations out there is the millennials.

Millennials primarily grew up in the 1990s. But think about what made that so unique to those who were older kids or younger teens.

Beginning in 1990, home computers were a novelty at best. By the time we got to the year 2000, internet technology was in full swing.

Old Computer

The 1990s was certainly an interesting transition that really began the screen world we live in today, and those growing up in that era had a chance to experience that change at a young age. But does that ultimately mean millennials are the best generation to have existed?

Absolutely not. And the reason I bring this up is for a couple of reasons. Millennials are now primarily in their 30s with some getting more and more bitter about change with today's generation from when they were a kid.

I know a handful of people I went to school with that are millennials and I've noticed them online complaining more and more about kids these days and feeling sorry for them. But why?

One argument is that tradition no longer exists, while another is that they don't do anything anymore other than sit in front of a screen. Both of those arguments, by the way, are absolutely ridiculous.

Online movie stream with mobile device.
Tero Vesalainen

But again, it's human nature to compare our youthful days to those who are in their youth now. Our days truly were the best, but not because of anything like the internet or traditions.

They were the best because we were young and carefree, it's as simple as that. Now with that said, there is one major flaw with the majority of millennials that doesn't exist with generations before or after them.

And I feel I can say this being I'm considered an old millennial myself (born in the mid-1980s). We as a generation are super lazy when it comes to voting.

"I voted" sticker
"I voted" sticker (Chris Swendeman)

Not all of us, but enough of us. We all know election turnout over the past few decades has gotten pathetic, and that's by far and large due to the millennial generation.

And I know this from experience. I've always voted myself because I've felt it was important, but way too many of my old friends simply didn't care to bother.

I also remember hearing election after election of low or record-low turnouts, when in reality, we should've been voting. As a result, so many of the wrong people have gotten into office because not enough people bothered to care to vote.

And this is something I personally love that's different about today's youngest generation. They do care and are voting as soon as they are old enough.

NJ election Kindergarten in NJ schools
(Canva, Townsquare Media)

It's essentially today's generation versus the gen-x and baby-boomer generations at the polls. Yes, politics can get ugly, but those votes matter.

As for the millennials? They're a big part of the problem because they simply didn't care to get involved, learn, or vote. But they sure weren't shy to complain about who was voted in.

So regardless of what side of the aisle you align with, or whether you disagree with those older or younger than yourself. If you voted, you have every right to complain.

Again, not all millennials fall into this camp, but a heck of a lot of them sure do, and it's something I wish my generation would get more on board with getting involved in.


Outside of that, I suppose millennials aren't all that bad. I'm just glad more of us are voting now than we used to.

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