It was only hours after the shooting stopped in Las Vegas that pundits and politicians, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, took to twitter to position themselves as the first to blame gun owners, the NRA and white Republicans. Then within a few more hours pictures and video from the crime scene showing weapons and one even supposedly showing the dead body of the alleged killer.

Some of the videos seem to show lights similar to the light from gunfire on lower floors painting a picture of possible additional shooters. First of all, the persons who leaked the crime scene photos from the room should be charged with a crime. There is no way that it's helpful to law enforcement to create a social media frenzy in the aftermath of such a horrific crime. Second of all it's time to dial back the conspiracy theories until Law Enforcement is able to complete the investigation. There's a lot more that we don't know about motive, the crime scene and the planning of the crime. I'm the first one to tell you that you gotta take every video and picture in context before you can truly conclude what happened.

The story that should be getting out is the story of the many heroes who saved loved ones and strangers alike in the chaos and mayhem that ensued after the shooting started.

I'm thinking about Jersey born Shawn Rawl who saved dozens helping them get over a barrier to safety.

I'm thinking about the Marine who commandeered a truck to ferry people out of the zone and to area hospitals.

I'm thinking about Valdo Panzera, Jr. who was able to protect his pregnant future wife and get her safely out of the kill zone.

I'm thinking about the hotel security guard who went straight to the shooter's room only to be struck himself by shots fired through the door .

And I'm thinking about the brave-and-quick-thinking members of law enforcement who got to the shooter's room in less than 20 minutes.

These are the stores that the media should be focusing on in the days following a horrific tragedy. Instead agenda driven media talking heads and politicians would rather dismiss the incredible heroism of everyday Americans and focus on using the dead as props to take shots at the president and at anyone who stands up for the Second Amendment. It's disingenuous, divisive and wrong. It's time for people to focus on the heroes and take their political frustration out at the ballot box.

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