It happened again. I dared to have a conversation with an actual doctor to discuss the issue of forced vaccinations on children. Dr. Craig Wax has joined me before and has a thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to vaccines and health in general. The social media oligarchs who run most of the communication in our country decided that if someone dares to offer a counter opinion to mandated masks, they should be silenced.

This is now the second time that a conversation about vaccines has led to the site shutting me down. Of course because I am speaking through the company platform, they went beyond silencing me and shut down the entire station. That means even our news content is blocked for the next two weeks. I'm told that if it happens again we'll lose the channel.

So I'm doing two things. First, I'll be speaking to an attorney who is gearing up to fight on behalf of other voices who have been silenced in direct violation of their First Amendment rights and two, starting an account on Rumble. It's a Canadian company that has served as an alternative to YouTube. I'll keep you posted on the progress and will likely post my next podcast conversation on Rumble for you to get the facts that the group-think oppressors don't want you to hear.

You can listen to my conversation without the video by clicking on the link in this tweet. Keep the faith and the fight!

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