It shouldn't be news that 17 New Jersey Muslim leaders condemn the Paris terrorist attacks.  But where are American Islamic communities when it comes to calling out everyday acts of injustice like violently persecuting Christians and homosexuals, starving children, raping women and more?

This morning I spoke with Imam Hamad Ahmad Chebli, the religious leader of the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ) for a Muslim's perspective. According to the ISCJ website, Chebli grew up in Lebanon, and attended one of the most prestigious Islamic institutions in the world, Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

Chebli said he deals with difficult situations every day as he attempts to explain to thousands of students why Islamic countries stone adulterers, for example. So I asked him how you separate Islam from the acts of terror being perpetrated daily by people who profess to be Muslims.

According to the imam, religion has nothing to do with the killings that are taking place across the world, and Islam would never encourage the deaths we are seeing. Instead, Chebli said he blames violence on the people who twist religion to follow their own beliefs.

Now is the time to stand up for human rights, Chebli said regarding Muslims that remain silent about the violent acts committed by Islamic countries.

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