Donald Trump is once again at the top of the polls, this time with his biggest lead yet, according to a CNN report released this morning.

To put some perspective on his standing, I called upon NYT bestselling author Roger Stone to give us insight.

Stone, a former adviser to Trump and a longtime political analyst, said there is a "Trumpnado" sweeping the nation because people are fed-up with politicians.

"Donald Trump got on the scene and he’s a truth-teller," he said. According to him, people think the blunt, sometimes euphemistic candidate has what it takes to execute an all-out-effort to crush ISIS.
But how does he reconcile that label when he's made claims about seeing thousands of New Jersey Muslims celebrating on 9/11, which has yet to be backed up by any news footage or police report from that day?
"The bottom line is there either is or there is not a stream of radical Muslims already in the country, already embedded in the fabric of our society that was exultant over the attacks on American on 9/11," Stone said. "The answer is, there is. Whether it's dozens or hundreds or thousands is almost at this point immaterial."
Hear more from this conversation, including details about Stone's new book on the Bush family, by listening to the clip above.
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