This morning we had a great debate over whether a Clifton police officer was wrong for brake checking a driver.

Personally, I think the driver was following a bit too close. If you're watching the video as it slows down, they seem to be only a car length or so apart. While some may say that the officer was doing the dangerous thing by slamming on the brakes, this is something that can happen at any time on NJ's roads.  You've got to be aware at any moment when you're driving.

We had some great calls from listeners that were pretty fired up about the topic.  Listen to some of the calls below.

Caller JC was a bit torn, as he disagreed with the officer for slamming on his brakes, saying " two wrongs don't make a right," but also acknowledged that the young driver may have had bad intentions from the start. JC stated, "I think the kid might have had the video going looking for a problem."

Kyle from Matawan checked in and disagreed with the officer as well. Kyle believed the officer could've handled the situation a totally different way. Kyle said "The officer, he would've been better off saying 'a dog ran out in front of my cruiser and I had to stop, you almost hit me.'"  Kyle also debated whether or not the officer would've been wrong for slamming on the brakes for no reason.

Jenny from Old Bridge says this story is part of a much bigger problem in NJ. Jenny said "I think tailgating in NJ is a huge, huge problem. I get tailgated every morning and I don't drive slow."