Two-time U.S. Women's Olympic gold medalist Carli Lloyd was back on the soccer fields in south Jersey today to show off her latest asset from the London Olympic games.

The Delran native and Rutgers graduate scored both U.S. goals to lead the women's team to Olympic gold in a 2-1 victory against Japan in London.

She also scored the winning goal against Brazil in Beijing four years ago.

"I went out there and I was really nervous but had a lot of energy, and scoring that goal eight minutes in was huge" Lloyd said as she watched over 100 children work on their soccer drills at Universal Soccer Academy in Lumberton.

"Its still surreal to me, there was something about this team and this run that we had and we just had a feeling that we were going to go all the way" she said.

Her personal trainer of ten years, James Galanis, said its amazing to reunite with his protege.

"She had this huge smile on her face and she was saying, 'we did it, we did it' and it was just so rewarding for both of us." 

Lloyd says she plans to attend the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"It will take a lot of hard work and a lot of training, but I am ready to get back out there and see what I can do."