Whether we like it or not, we're pretty much forced to wear masks when we go out in public. So why not keep a song on your lips while you're doing it?

A few weeks ago my friend Greg Smith, who's also a listener, sent me a mask of the four Beatles with the words "Speaking Words Of Wisdom" from "Let It Be" on the front. I loved it! Leave it to the Beatles to come up with the perfect words for a mask.

So it got me thinking about some other lyrics that would work. A few that come to mind were "Hello I Love You," by The Doors or perhaps, "Please To Meet You Won't you Guess My Name" from the Rolling Stones. Here's a nugget from the 70's, how about the one hit wonder by Mouth and McNeil, "How Do You Do?"

This isn't one of his lyrics, but how about this quote from Bruce Springsteen to President Trump, "Wear a F***king mask?" The list goes on and when I'm looking to make a great list, I always turn to you, my radio and social media following.

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Here's some of what you've come up with:

Song lyrics that would be great on a mask

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