It’s a credit to the Boomers in the Murphy administration that they gave the state's Twitter account password to the Millennial staffers.

The @NJGov account has amassed more than 63,000 followers since April of last year. Lately it has been grabbing the attention of residents and ex-pats by going light on the serious stuff and heavy on the snark, cynicism and silliness that people have come to expect from the platform.

Amid retweets of Gov. Phil Murphy and winter weather alerts, you’ll find memes with James Gandolfini and Snooki.

There’s also photos and videos of the Garden State’s under-appreciated vistas, some history lessons and flashbacks to iconic Kean-era Jersey tourism ads.

The account remains apolitical, but there’s a decided Jersey sass to its tone, which doesn’t shy away from the occasional clapback.

You could picture @NJGov on the Turnpike, one hand on the car horn and the other one giving a Pennsy driver the bird.

The account stans Central Jersey but so far, and perhaps wisely, hasn’t weighed in on the pork roll/Taylor ham debate. We can guess how it falls on the pump-your-own question.

According to a recent profile, the account is being run by two young women in the governor’s Office of Public Communication, which has a $1.3 million payroll with more than a dozen employees.

The @NJGov love for New Jersey is undeniable, that's for sure.

Now if only they could do something about those property taxes.

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