I'm sure you've been stuck in traffic and when start moving again realize there was nothing blocking the flow of cars. It happens every day on the Parkway, Rt. 287, the Turnpike, etc. You scratch your head thinking, "why can't everybody just go?"

Most things in our daily lives seem to have a cause and effect rationale. We need things to make sense in our lives or the uncertainty can drive you crazy. So why then, in a state with the highest property taxes and general heaviest tax burden in the country, vote to elect a governor that promises to raise taxes by about $1.3 billion...with a B? Phil Murphy currently leads Kim Guadano by 25 percentage points. Yes, 25!

That's a pretty convincing lead. Now, I predicted Murphy would be governor two years ago. Not because I like him or his ideas, but because I saw the money he had and the things he was doing behind the scenes to reach that goal. One of those things was to promise the state public unions to undo what Gov. Christie had done and play nice with them again. So for the people who work in state government, it should be beneficial, even though in the long run it's bad for everyone living here. For the rest of us in the private sector with no stake in state pensions and benefits, yet another tax burden that will drive even more people out of the state.

The state is already losing population due to over taxation. This is clear to see coming down the pike. So why such a big lead for a guy with no experience in state government, from Massachusetts, who won't talk to many reporters or the public? Emotion I guess. People are still so mad at Christie, they won't even consider his Lt. Governor Kim Guadano, even though she has tried to distance herself from her boss in policy and beyond.

So here we are on the railroad tracks and we see the speeding locomotive coming, and a majority of angry, hurt voters can't wait for the big government, high tax, choking regulation Murphy train to run right over them. Doesn't make sense to me. Does it to you?

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