Several people in New Jersey suffered serious injuries caused by snow blowers during the storm that dumped as much as 35 inches of snow across the state.

A Millstone woman was injured Monday afternoon when a relative accidentally ran over her foot with the machine, State Police spokesman Alejandro Goez told New Jersey 101.5. The woman was taken to CentraState Medical Center.

A man in Teaneck nearly lost a finger on Tuesday morning after his hand got caught in a snow blower, Teaneck police told the Daily Voice of Teaneck.

A second person had to collect severed fingertips and check into Holy Name Medical Center, Teaneck police told the Daily Voice of Teaneck. Teaneck police did not immediately return New Jersey 101.5's request for more information on Wednesday morning.

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute offers these safety tips for using a snow blower.

  • NEVER put your hands inside the auger or chute. Use a tool or stick to unclog snow or debris.
  • Always turn off the snow thrower and wait for all moving parts to come to a complete stop before clearing any clogs or debris.
  •  Never operate the snow thrower without good visibility or light.
  • Never throw snow toward people or cars. Do not allow anyone to stand in front of your snow thrower.
  • Do not attempt to clear steep slopes and use caution when changing directions on slopes or inclines.
  • Use an extension cord that is weather-resistant and designed for outdoor use. If using an electric-powered snow thrower, be aware of where the power cord is at all times. Avoid tripping. Do not run over the power cord.
  • Keep pets and children inside your home and supervised (by someone else) while a snow thrower is operating. Do not allow them to play in the snow as it is tossed out of the chute.

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