We already lag easy behind our neighboring states and the rest of the nation in economic growth and now Trenton is poised to make it worse.

There's a bill that is being pushed by Senate President Steve Sweeney which would so severely limit independent contractors and entrepreneurs the exodus from our state will potentially grow exponentially. Truck drivers, photographers, ride share drivers, medical record data entry jobs, many done as independent contractors so people can make their own hours and be responsible for paying their own taxes, are under assault by the ignorant political insiders.

Jeff Edelstein, who does a very good job of filling in for me when I'm off, wrote another good piece on the subject showing how Trenton puts a target on hard working people's backs.

Another voice of reason fighting to stop the politicians from doing serious damage to working and middle class families, especially moms returning to the workforce, is Alida Kass from the New Jersey Civil Justice Institute. She joined me on the air to discuss how your calls to legislators have made a difference and Sweeney is backing on some of the language in the law.

I say not enough. Scrap the entire thing. If the state government wants to enforce laws that would prevent people from taking advantage and not paying their legal share, that's fine. But laws like Senate Bill 4202 are a threat to an already fragile economy and will do nothing to 'protect' workers.

Remember, New Jersey is the second most Orwellian state in the nation (next to California) and when Steve Sweeney says he wants to protect workers, he means regulate business, protect special interests and raise your taxes.

Here's a well written article from my friends at NJBIA explaining the bill and how even with the amendments proposed by special interest fat cat Sweeney, it's still going to be bad for NJ business.

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