That's right, If you're a working mom who took some time off to have and raise your children, you may be at risk.

The latest attack on our economy from the radicals in Trenton is a new bill that would all but eliminate the ability for a person to work as an independent contractor in New Jersey. The reasoning behind the law is to 'protect' people, provide benefits and make sure they are not taken advantage of by those greedy business owners. The problem? If this latest bill passes, thousands of independent contractors could find themselves out of work.

The restrictions placed on employers in order to essentially force them to hire W2 employees only will be most hurtful to working moms. So many mothers need the flexibility of returning to work and controlling their own hours like ride share drivers, food delivery, special education providers, among many, many others.

As we know, the so-called 'gender pay gap' is a very complicated issue and has everything to do with choices many women make to stay home with their kids for a number of years. Naturally, returning to the workforce after a gap in experience results in reduction in pay as many women are essentially starting again. The idea of returning to work as an independent contractor offers the kind of additional income and flexible hours, which empowers moms to continue managing their homes, balancing child care and of course, paying NJ taxes.

We heard from Alida Kass on Monday from the NJ Civil Justice Institute prior to her testifying before the Assembly committee discussing the new law. Then Jon Bramnick, the recently re-elected Assembly Minority Leader, explaining that this is all about new taxes for NJ businesses and another reason that many business owners will look to leave NJ. They can simply head across the river to PA or DE and not pay the additional taxes at all.

Governor Murphy and Senate President Steve Sweeney are interested in protecting their own interests, lining the pockets of their friends and ignoring working and middle class families. This latest assault is a set back and really shows the hypocrisy. They want to say they support women and working families then they turn around and stick it to you. I'll keep you posted as this bill progresses. Hopefully, enough voices will be heard and we can defeat this job crushing regulation before it hurts real people.

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