Many of us remember the first years of the Six Flags safari attraction, where are you could drive your own car through and get a good look at the animals up close and personal.

You could stop for a minute to allow an ostrich to come up close to your car or pull over if a kangaroo seemed very friendly. And then of course, though you weren’t supposed to do it, you would stick a little piece of a banana on the top of your sunroof for the animal to get a nibble at.

Concerns for animal welfare changed the rules a few years ago, and so for the past few seasons, visitors were driven around in big trucks at the speed and the whim of the driver. There aren’t too many good things that have come out of this pandemic and we’ve all had to learn to live life a different way. But one thing that has changed is definitely for the better: The safari at Six Flags Great Adventure has reverted back to its old manner of safari journeying.

The safari park opened last weekend, and to tell you the truth, I’m excited again. I felt that the safari had lost its luster over the past few years when the concern for the animals welfare caused the park to change its policy and prohibit visitors from driving their own cars through. The fun and adventure is back and my family can’t wait.

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